Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Import PDF content into PowerPoint

You can import PDF content into PowerPoint in several ways, depending on what software you have and the result you're after.

I. High resolution bitmaps from Acrobat ReaderWith nothing more than the free Acrobat Reader, you can import high or low resolution bitmaps of PDF pages into your presentations.
You probably have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software so you can view and print PDFs
  • Open your PDF in Reader.
  • Choose the Graphics Select Tool from the toolbar (click and hold the toolbar button to the right of the zoom tool; when the flyout menu appears, click the rightmost button on it).

  • Use the Graphics Select Tool to drag a rectangle surrounding the area of the page you'd like to use in your PowerPoint presentation

  • Choose Edit, Copy or press Ctrl+C, then switch to PowerPoint and choose Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V to paste a copy of the selected area of the PDF file into your presentation.
  • If the result is too low-rez, switch back to Reader and without changing anything else, type a higher zoom percentage into the zoom text box at the lower left of the Reader window, then re-do the copy and paste into PowerPoint. The higher the zoom percentage, the higher the resolution of the image that comes into PowerPoint. Don't get carried away here ... zoom in by degrees until you get a decent image in PowerPoint. You can bring your system to its knees if you zoom in too far.
II. PDF as PDF within PowerPointSuppose you want to display a PDF as a PDF rather than importing some or all of its content into PowerPoint?
In that case, you'll want to try Shyam Pillai's free LiveWeb add-in
Load the add-in, select Insert | Web Pages.
In the address field type the path to the PDF file and proceed to complete the wizard prompt.
During slide show, the pdf file will be displayed.
Version Supported
PowerPoint 97/2000/2002/2003
Click here (zip) or here (setup) updated version 1.5
Installation Instructions (applicable only for zip) :
1. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.
2. Launch PowerPoint.
3. Click on Tools | Add-ins to bring up the add-ins window.
4. Click on Add to bring up the 'Add New PowerPoint Add-in' dialog box.
5. Navigate to the folder where the contents of the zip file was extracted and select 'LiveWeb.ppa' and click on OK.
6. You might be prompted with the macro virus warning. Enable the macros. When the Add-in is properly loaded, it will display a 'X' against the add-in name.
7. That's it. You have successfully loaded the add-in. Now put it to use.
Note: If you are unable to load the add-in check your macro security setting.

1. Click on Insert | Web Pages...
2. Enter the list of web page address that you wish to create.
3. Provide the additional info required.
4. LiveWeb will create slides with web browser controls embedded on the slides
5. Run the slide show.
6. The web pages will be displayed during the slide show and refreshed at real-time.

In [LiveWeb Wizard] window, click [NEXT]

Type the file location, i.e. [file:/D:\Temp\M095 - jalan hijau attach_a.pdf]
Click [ADD] button, click [NEXT]
Check [Yes, refresh … (real-time update)], click [NEXT]

Leave size web page as default, also leave set shape position as default, click [NEXT]

Click [FINISH] to insert the PDF file
PDF successfully inserted, click [OK]
Click [Slide Show] button @ the lower left of PowerPoint window to test it

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