Tuesday, 1 May 2007

HP DesignJet 1055CM Service Test

Entering the Service Tests Menu
  1. Make sure the printer is switched OFF from the power switch on the front of the printer and NOT from the power switch on the back of the printer
  2. Hold the COLOR key down and switch the Printer ON using the front power switch. Wait until the message "Initializing" is displayed on the front-Panel before releasing the COLOR key
  3. Once inside the service test menu use the Arrow keys to scroll through the "Service Tests" selections
  4. Press the Enter key to begin a specific test when the required Service Test is highlighted

note :
  • If the printer is not used for 3 minutes, the printer hangs and you must repeat the above steps to enter the service mode again
  • In some cases a quick press of a button may not be recognized by the printe. When pressing a button, be sure to press it deliberately and all the way to the bottom of its travel
  • If the printer hangs up during a test, switch the printer off and restart from step 1

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