Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Interoperating Unix and Windows XP

Microsoft offers two UNIX interoperability components: Services for UNIX 2.0 and Interix 2.2 services for Unix provides add-on components that you can use to integrate Windows XP.

Professional client into a UNIX environment. in addition to providing a subset of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for connectivity, it also provides manageability components that simplify network administration and account management across both platforms.

Wit Interix 2.2 you can run UNIX-based applications and scripts on Microsoft Windows 2000 server and Windows XP Professional. It provides an environment that includes more then 300 tools, and is fully integrated whit the windows desktop, security model and file system. Interix 2.2 includes the Interix 2.2 Software Development Kit (SKD), which your organization can use as an aid in migrating existing UNIX-base applications into the Interix environment.

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aroengbinang said...

hmmm, have no experience yet so far with unix machine. would like to give a try sometime. salam.