Saturday, 24 March 2007

Interoperating IBM Host Systems and Windows XP Professional

Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 allow users to gain direct access to IBM Corporation Host Systems. Host Integration Server 2000 is the solution for connecting personal computer-based client and servers to IBM host systems. It is also possible for users to connect to an IBM host system directly without using a gateway, such as Host Integration Server 2000, through TCP/IP. Host Integration Server 2000 client software allows you to use the interfaces to read and change the configuration file, start and stop services and connections, or reset Logical Units (LUs).

Windows XP Professional uses TCP/IP for its network architecture. IBM systems increasingly use TCP/IP, but many installations still use Systems Network Architecture (SNA). In order for Windows XP Professional-based computers to communicate with IBM host systems, either a gateway device to interpret the two different network protocols pr a common network protocol is required.

To connect to IBM host by using a gateway device, you must have a local area network (LAN) protocol on Windows XP Professional and a gateway that provides the translation between the LAN protocol and the IBM host protocol or data stream. Host Integration Server 2000 is a gateway that provides this translation service.

To connect to an IBM host without using Host Integration Server 2000 to provide the gateway services, you must ensure that both Windows XP Professional and the IBM host have the same protocol installed and configured.

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